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Mega Man Universe is one of the best ideas for the series, but the art is such a clusterfuck of styles that it gives me a headache just watching the trailer.

dawn of the dead

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having more fun with the l4d2 demo than i did with the entire l4d game. i like their personalities, but their designs are horrible. with the original cast you could look at the characters and tell what each of their occupations were; biker, army, office, college teen. looking at the new characters they all just look like generic generics- except nick, but he could do without the fullbright white suit. ellis' tribal tattoo almost makes me not want to play the game, and i kind of wish he was lankier and in a full jumpsuit. rochelle is basically "black chick". coach is alright, but i wish his character/design was more along the lines of the trailer version. ving-rhames-badass is a little overplayed (but nonetheless awesome)- however, i would have liked to see grew-up-on-duh-bayou-my-heads-a-bit-thick-but-i'm-full-uh-wisdom instead.
dawn of the dead

This is Only a Test

this piece is being completely re-done due to the night vision, the terrible fight scene at the end, and a lot of the editing trying to fix it to make sense. this'll be re-shot in a completely different mood (albeit being the same idea). this is part of a bigger film we're planning (hopefully) on finishing this summer.

i didn't film this, only edited it. i had to make a lot of changes due to how it was filmed without forethought for editing, often removing whole scenes, or making weird cuts that didn't (couldn't) make sense.

21st Birthday

Smoked a stogy.
Took a piss off a porch.
Lit fireworks in a field surrounded by sleeping people in their homes.
Got spooked, got soaked, got scraped legs.

I am finally growing up.

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somebody on my street ran over Kitty Girl. it was more than likely the fat kid living in the apartments next door. my uncle saw him and his mother moving her body late at night, while he was walking his dog. my cats are smart enough to look both ways before they venture out into the road, but he drives this little piece of shit 4x4 every once in a while, and i doubt it has lights on the front of it. Kitty Girl was old and big, and I doubt she could have seen it coming. if i find out it was him, i'm destroying that 4x4.

RIP Kitty Girl. You may have been pretty gross towards the end of you life, but i still loved you.